LBS Funds “Island Hopper” Scholarship for Kwajalein Atoll Students

LOGCAP-V Vectrus / V2X subcontractor, LBS participated in donating $30,000 to the Kwajalein Atoll School System “Island Hopper Scholarship Program.” The participating students submitted essays based on their experiences living in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The primary intent of the scholarship is to invest in the academic future of Kwajalein High School Graduates.

On May 6, 2023, LBS presented three Island Hopper Scholarships at the annual Kwajalein High School Scholarship and Awards Ceremony. The Kwajalein Schools System’s Vision is to develop productive, successful, and responsible students committed to academic excellence and lifelong learning. LBS Human Resources Generalist Mr. George Navarro, Operations Manager Mr. Patrick Sadowski, and former Subcontractor Site Lead Mr. Brooks Baker awarded scholarships to David Nienow, Erenty Jacob, and Kendal Warren.

Along with LBS, other corporate donors such as Vectrus / V2X, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lindsey Davis Kindness Award, Range Generation Next LLC, Rikatak Alumni Scholarship, and 18 other private organizations located on the atoll also provided scholarships.

The new Island Hopper Scholarship builds on LBS’ commitment to support students in communities where its team members live. In 2022, LBS began its “Tools for Schools” education initiative to benefit thousands of children in the Kwajalein Atoll. LBS and V2X—the LOGCAP V Prime Contractor—raised more than $15,000 in school supply donations to help brighten the educational future of the Marshallese students located on the neighboring island of Ebeye.

“LBS is proud to kick off the Island Hopper Scholarship as we continue to help set up Marshallese students for success,” said LBS Vice President Jim Romasz. “Our Kwajalein staff are critical in helping us drive success in our contract performance areas, including Power, Fuel, Airfield Operations, and Engineering. Investing in the communities where our workforces live doesn’t just make sense, it’s the right thing to do.”