LBS Vice President Alaa “Alex” Abdul Samad Speaks at Combat Engineers & Logistics Conference

LBS recently attended the Combat Engineer & Logistics Conference in Warsaw, Poland. During the event, LBS Vice President Alaa “Alex” Abdul Samad led the session, “Hybrid Power & Microgrids,” where he discussed the social, economic, and environmental benefits of hybrid power generating systems and microgrid networks. He also illustrated how LBS through its JV LBPKSA is currently utilizing these types of renewable energy generation, distribution, and storage technologies in two projects that support the construction and development of NEOM, a futuristic mega-city that’s being built in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

LBS and LBPKSA provided green power solutions to the Saudi Arabian Trading & Construction Company (SATCO) and the Al Tamimi Group to support their efforts to build two residential areas in NEOM that will house 30,000 people.

LBS/LBPKSA engineered, supplied, and installed a hybrid powerplant for SATCO that integrates solar photovoltaic (PV) power technology including an automatic robotic cleaning system with conventional power and battery energy storage. The hybrid power system will reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by 6,491.7 tons per year and decrease diesel fuel consumption by 2,801,100 liters per year.

Also, to support the Al Tamimi Group’s NEOM development initiatives, LBS/LBPKSA designed, built, and installed a solar PV powerplant that features its own robotic cleaning system, in integration with the existing conventional power plant. The solar PV technology will reduce CO2 emissions by 8,093 tons per year and decrease diesel fuel consumption by 3,492,300 liters per year.

Samad explained that both projects were customized to meet the power generation and increased efficiency needs for the construction at NEOM city. Such solutions are designed to reduce residential, commercial, and military installations’ environmental footprint and decrease dependence on fuel supplies, while increasing overall resilience.

About Alaa “Alex” Abdul Samad
Alaa Abdul Samad has more than 25 years of experience in power systems, including power generation “conventional and renewable energy,” rental power, electro-mechanical and marine engineering, all through business development, operations, and project management. In his current role as Vice President, Samad leads the ME regional operations, develops, and implements the company’s strategic objectives for the Middle East region, while also working in close collaboration with the firm’s international operations. He successfully led the development, execution, and completion of the first hybrid power plants at NEOM City, an integration of conventional power, solar PV, battery storage, and expansion to wind turbines.

LBPKSA, a joint venture of LBS and KFB Holding Group/EXAP Contracting, operates as an EPC power projects contractor to provide reliable and optimal power solutions and services for off-grid locations (remote & rural areas). We form a synergistic team to offer new ideas and technologies for greater efficiency, productivity, and outreach in austere environments, with capabilities spanning traditional and containerized/modular power plants burning fuels to include natural gas and crude oil/ HFO, as well as renewable power including solar/PV, battery storage and wind.

About LBS
LBS specializes in operation and maintenance services at large, mission-essential military installations, and transportation facilities worldwide. As a trusted partner to federal government agencies, we provide expertise in aerial port operations, contingency logistics and ground support services, turnkey power and fueling solutions, as well as heavy vehicle maintenance for defense and security Customers. We also provide industry-leading transportation asset maintenance services to state and local Customers across the US. It’s our mission and an honor to help Customers solve their most complex challenges.