Al Asad Power Plant & Distribution System


Al Asad Power Plant & Distribution System


Power Services


US Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District


Middle East




When the US Military returned to Iraq in 2014, Al Asad Airbase was reclaimed for US Military use as a staging area to offer training support for Iraqi Security Forces fighting Islamic State militants.  In late 2015, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) awarded a task order under an accelerated schedule to mobilize a new 6 MW central power plant expandable to 9MW to support the training mission at Al Asad Airbase.  The centralized power plant that LBS deployed continues to provide a reliable and cost-effective power solution supporting expanding base operations resulting from the growing presence of the US Military in that region.  In Nov 2017, USACE exercised the 3 MW expansion option to increase the overall plant size to 9 MW due to the growing power demands. In May 2019, we won the recompete extending our power services for another 5 years.