Seabrook Island Asset Maintenance

Seabrook Island, South Carolina, United States

Seabrook Island Asset Maintenance


Asset Maintenance


Seabrook Island Utility Commission


North America


Seabrook Island, South Carolina, United States

Expertise Provided: Water and Wastewater Operations and Maintenance

Scope: LBS provides operations and maintenance services for the water distribution and wastewater treatment plant for the residents of the Town of Seabrook Island and neighboring community.  The Town of Seabrook Island is a coastal community, home to approximately 2,400 residents and tourism year-round. The water distribution systems includes water storage (two 500,000 gallon ground level storage tanks and an elevated 500,000 gallon head tank), pumping stations, distribution lines, water meters at customer interfaces, and fire hydrants. The sewage system collects from residences and commercial facilities and pumps it through a series of lift states to a central waste treatment plant. The sewage system includes 31 lifts stations, 38 miles of collection lines, two 662,000-gallon aeration basins, two 94,000-gallon clarifiers, a single 25,000-gallon open chlorinator and an eight acre (16 million gallon) effluent pond.