LBS operates in five primary business segments.

We provide Mission Support, Fuels Services, Power Services, Contingency Logistics and Asset Maintenance services at large, mission-essential military installations and transportation facilities worldwide. We provide support to the defense industry when and where it’s needed. We supply integrated support throughout a project’s lifecycle – from planning and design and engineering to construction and program management to logistics to operations and maintenance.

Mission Support

Operating and maintaining passenger and cargo air terminals as well as broader based operations for the US military as well as a small general aviation facility, providing airfield logistics support, and performing life cycle maintenance on armored vehicles.

  • Aerial Port Operations
  • Cargo Logistics
  • Base Operations Support Services
  • Commercial Services
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Fuels Services

Operating and maintaining bulk fuel storage terminals and fueling systems as well as refueling aircraft for military and commercial Customers, with design and development capabilities.

  • GOCO / COCO Operations & Maintenance
  • RMMR Services
  • Commercial Fuel Operations
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Power Services

Prime and contingency power generation and medium voltage transmission O&M, as well as EPC capabilities for military bases and remote industrial facilities and communities.

  • Prime Power Operations & Maintenance
  • Contingency Power Logistics
  • Power Plant EPC
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Contingency Logistics

Cross cutting business line combining installation support, fuel, and power operations, as well as vehicle/fleet maintenance, staff augmentation and engineering services on US overseas military bases.

  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of State
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Asset Maintenance

Maintaining and operating roadways, toll road facilities, and staffing traffic management centers. Also includes operating a small water utility.

  • Highway Maintenance
  • Toll Road Operations
  • Legacy Contracts
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