Here, a career exposes you to some of the world’s most complex, challenging and essential projects. We approach them with passion, commitment and enthusiasm.

LBS recently joined forces with Versar. As part of our merger, beginning a rebrand and name change to Versar Global Solutions. You can now view all open positions on the Versar careers site.

More Than a Job


Take pride in your work. We believe a project is never finished until you’re proud to have your name on it. We give you the tools to work to the highest standard and walk away with confidence that you’ve done the job right.

Technical Excellence

LBS employees are highly experienced and trained in their fields. We complete every project to the highest standard, bringing unmatched strategic vision and technical expertise. Our commitment to excellence lives at every level of the organization.

Our Employee Quality Pledge

Every LBS employee signs our quality pledge, acknowledging their commitment to performing at the highest standard and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Doing What’s Right

I am responsible for knowing and complying with the Federal Regulations that apply to my personal work. I will always try to choose the “harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

Equipment Safety

I am responsible for checking the condition of the tools and equipment I use, and making sure that they stay in proper shape.

Staying Alert

I know that my work affects safety for the people and critical equipment around me; I will always be careful. If I see something illegal or unsafe being done, I will stop that action as best I can and alert my supervisors.

Following Policy

I am responsible for following Company procedures and/or the Government policies and procedures that apply to my work site.

Professionalism & Respect

I am responsible for treating our Government or civilian customers with professionalism, respect and courtesy. And I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.

Part of a Team

The better I work within our team, the better our team quality will be. Our customers demand and expect high quality from us, every time, all the time.


I am committed to providing our Government and civilian customers with the most reliable services possible – they make my paycheck possible.


Quality doesn’t cost – it pays! This differentiates us. It is always cheaper to do it right the first time, instead of correcting mistakes.

Dedication to Quality

I am committed to continuously improving the quality of our operations. MY goal is zero deficiencies in customer ratings.

Personal Ownership

My work is a visible advertisement for future work. My “signature” is on everything that I do.

Grow your career and make a difference

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